MyZone™ MZ-Switch Heart Rate Monitor


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The world’s first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist. Three times the motivation and three times the fun, with a light indicator and built-in memory so you can see your zone without a phone, and up to six months battery life on one charge.

As the most accurate fitness tracker available, Myzone lets you view your metrics live to track your personal performance and to stay motivated to reach your goals.

Wearable technology for however and wherever you want to workout. Track your activity, whenever and wherever with the Myzone MZ-Switch.

  • Live effort feedback anywhere
  • Train on the go with built-in memory
  • Helping you stay connected wherever you workout

“Myzone has been a big help during lockdown. Everyone knows, if you don’t have your monitor on, the workout doesn’t count. Seeing your effort and calorie burn in the Myzone App is by far one of the best motivations after a good workout!” – Jess PROmember

The smarter way to get results faster

Easy to use, the Myzone app allows you to track your activity whenever and wherever you choose to work out. It gives you real time feedback during exercise and stores your workout history. It offers heart-rate based challenges and lets you share your workouts with your connections.

Get into a new comfort zone

Myzone tracks your effort while you are exercising and awards you Myzone Effort Points (MEPs) based on how hard your heart is working, which encourages you to push harder and find a new comfort zone
Your level of effort is displayed in one of five coloured zones on your screen or at the gym and your heart rate determines which zone you are in during your exercise.
Each zone awards a different number of points – the harder you work, the more points you receive.